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Smart Cutz Barbers welcome you to our site.We are truly greatful for you to visit our website we gurantee you that our  barbers are professional and talented barber.

At Smart Cutz Barbers we specializes in all hair type. Our aim is to please our customers  with quality  service what ever you want we make it our priority  to please  you. (Thank you) looking  forward  to see you.


Please  be on time for your appointment thank you.



We have free drinks water for our customers .And thank you for booking with Smart Cutz Barber for our customers is very important to us 


About us

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Nigel's Bio



The journey which started by someone else who see the value of Nigel. The man with a vision  and a passion for Barbering .Nigel is a very creative person who always think of new ideas and always put out his best to always get quality results. 

It was15 year ago when the journey all begins with Barbering.Nigel talks of how his life of Barbering happened . It was just a daily commute to and from work that he passed several businesses on a daily basics on one day a man from a barber shop who sees Nigel pass each time as he commute to work each day. What did that man sees in Nigel to stop him and offer him a new venture without any experience has changed his life.

He started as a trainee barber, went on to do further studies in six months of doing it he gained knowledge of Barbering very quickly and shows that leadership which also lead him in being the manager .

Over the next few years he excels and build a name for himself and be known for more than just a  barber he was also a business man .He help his boss from the owner of one to six shop and work with him for 10 years in West London.  

With all that experience and knowledge with the passion for Barbering Nigel goes in partnership with a  friend with a vision and a passion they open a Barber Shop which quickly establish in London.

He was able to realize that he can build a name for himself and went off to the the North of England  Manchester where it takes off .But he went back to London after it takes a different turn in the business. 

 However going back to London  bring new ideas and time to  think where and when to begin .He was introduced  to Birmingham city where he went . But with a more cautious approach than Manchester. 

He work for a few months with a Barber Shop which quickly he made a name for himself and went off to opening his barber shop in Quinton .

Soon  business excels and thriving with  excellence and has build up himself for being one the few original barber that value the Barbering practice .

Today the 'Smart Cutz Barber ' means more than the man himself it has become a brand in it self it has grown through the likes of social media Facebook and Instagram .

Nigel is a true example of how one follows the vision that someone else saw in him and he built up on it and it become a passion and a brand which continue to grow .


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Mike's Bio

Hi Smart Cutz Barber would like to welcome you to a new member of our team Mike. 

Mike's began his Barbering career during the times of grafting other 9-5 jobs he is also a hard worker reliable with great communication skills but that wasn't enough for him for he has always wanted to strive to be a successful barber. 

After much soul searching and unending support and encouragement from his partner he realised that his passion could indeed be his career. 

Mike's has resigned from his job enrolled himself and went off training . After training  he has work with several barber's around the Birmingham area of West Midlands.  With his confidence and courage growing Mike's becomes more hungry for Barbering and always trying his best to keep his passion growing. 

Today Mike aims and purpose is to strive for excellence in being a better barber and to show everyone it's never too late to follow your path to progress and succes  .

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Dan Bio:

Smart Cutz  barber welcome another team member to join them providing quality hair cuts.

Dan began cutting hair when it was introduced to him by one of his friend . Dan had already been trained up and was a qualified  interior decorator so this would mean another training  and opportunity to start something new .

He went on to gain qualifications and went to get more exposure and experience working with his friend.
With the experience from working and now qualified things where heading into the right direction.

Starting out from humble beginnings, he  cut men's hair in London and has worked continually and develop his craft through out the years.

His mission is to continuously provide exceptional barbering service. With his 15+ years of experience doing barbering it's really beautiful to see when a career and a passion come together , for barbering service is a work of art that requires passion, quality & precision.

Dan's willingness to stay current with the new barbering service and trends, but also remain true to the classic old school for anyone wanting that service your in good hands.

He is now apart of the Smart Cutz team where he opens another chapter. From London to Birmingham the good work must continue .

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Jay Bio

Smart Cutz Barbers has join Jay apart of the Smart Cutz team


Jay's ambition of being a barber started five years ago. He was going to school and training to become a barber.


Jay's focus and talent is like second nature to him, he specialises in fades and styling and show how confident he is with his work.


Jay has moved from London to Birmingham to prove his ability and commitment of becoming a successful Barber.


Jay is also qualified in personal training and sports massage.


He believes that hard work and giving your client a good service will set him up in mastering his craft and become a successful Barber.



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